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Today is International Women’s Day.” Good Authority. 03/08/2024.


UN court decides Russia has violated treaty to combat terrorism.Good Authority. 02/16/2024.


What the ICJ ruling on Ukraine v. Russia means.” Good Authority. 02/09/2024

UN court says Israel may have violated the Genocide Convention.” Good Authority. 01/30/2024.


Today is International Holocaust Remembrance Day.” Good Authority. 01/27/2024.


Human rights in the U.S. and around the world in 2023.” with K. Chad Clay. Good Authority. 12/18/2023.


The UN set out to protect human rights 75 years ago.” Good Authority. 12/10/2023.


75 years later, why is the UN Genocide Convention so hard to enforce?Good Authority. 12/09/2023.


Sunday is the International Day of Persons with Disabilities.Good Authority. 12/01/2023.


It’s Time for America to Join the International Criminal Court.” Foreign Affairs. 10/19/2023.


The ICC is investigating violence in Israel and Palestine.” Good Authority. 10/18/2023.


What the arrest warrant for Putin really means.” Good Authority. 10/03/2023.

Would an Armed Humanitarian Intervention in Haiti Be Legal—and Could It Succeed?” with Alexandra Byrne* and Zoha Siddiqui.* Political Violence @ A Glance. 02/28/2023.


Ukraine accuses Russia of torture. Here’s how to prosecute those crimes. with Alyson Reynolds* and Elijah Tsai.* The Washington Post [Monkey Cage]. 11/22/2022.


The International Criminal Court is a Court of Last Resort. with Nathaniel Liu,* Daniel Posthumus,* and Zoha Siddiqui.* 04/28/2022.


The Council of Europe expelled Russia. That hurts people, not Putin. with Zoha Siddiqui.* The Washington Post [Monkey Cage]. 04/12/2022.


The ICJ ordered Russia to halt military operations in Ukraine. What comes next? with Daniel Posthumus.* The Washington Post [Monkey Cage]. 03/25/2022.


Putin won’t end up at The Hague – but war-crimes prosecutions of Russia still matter.” with Nathaniel Liu.* The Washington Post [Outlook]. 03/15/2022.


Could Putin Actually Face Accountability at the ICC? with Zoha Siddiqui,* Nathaniel Liu,* and Daniel Posthumus.* Foreign Policy. 03/04/2022.

How the Real World Shows Up in the IR Classroom.” Foreign Policy. 02/11/2022.


The ICC Doesn’t Look So Interventionist After All.” with Genevieve Bates. Foreign Policy. 12/08/2021.


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Did America’s Racial Awakening Reach IR Professors? Foreign Policy. 06/25/2021.


Justice for George Floyd Has Only Just Begun.Foreign Policy. 04/20/2021.


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As America Seeks Racial Justice, It Can Learn From Abroad.” with Eduardo González. Foreign Policy. 03/14/2021.


The International Criminal Court just elected a new chief prosecutor. Here’s what you need to know. with Nastaran Far* and Hailey Robertson.* The Washington Post [Monkey Cage]. 02/17/2021.

The ICC says it can investigate Israel’s alleged war crimes in the Palestinian territories. Netanyahu and Biden object.” with M.P. Broache. The Washington Post [Monkey Cage]. 02/11/2021.

“Biden’s Policy Must Center Racial Justice.” with Alexandra Byrne* and Bilen Zerie.* Foreign Policy 240: 5–7. (First published online as “Put Racial Justice at Center of the Biden-Harris Transition Plan)


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Kamala Harris for the People.” with Claire B. Crawford. Foreign Policy. 08/12/2020.


Why Race Matters in International Relations.” with Meredith Loken. Foreign Policy 237: 11–13.

"Despite U.S. sanctions, the International Criminal Court will keep investigating alleged war crimes in Afghanistan.” with Stephen Chaudoin. The Washington Post [Monkey Cage]. 06/16/2020.

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Some lawmakers are calling for truth commissions on racial violence. How do these work?” with Carla Winston. The Washington Post [Monkey Cage]. 06/09/2020.

  • Mentions: The Georgetown Institute for Women, Peace and Security’s Access to Justice blog

Why the International Criminal Court will investigate possible U.S. war crimes – even if the Trump administration says it can’t.” The Washington Post [Monkey Cage]. 03/09/2020.


Maryland has created a truth commission on lynchings – can it deliver? The Conversation. 06/14/2019.

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The Trump administration opposes the International Criminal Court. Do Americans agree?The Washington Post [Monkey Cage]. 04/28/2019.


Human rights workers are getting killed in Colombia. Here’s what could help save the peace.” with Shauna N. Gillooly. The Washington Post [Monkey Cage]. 02/11/2019.


Why Governance Will Go from Bad to Worse in Zimbabwe.” Africa is a Country. 08/07/2018.


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* Undergraduate student co-author




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Undergraduate student co-author

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