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Laboratory Teaching and Mentoring

Founder and Director. International Justice Lab, William & Mary

Since Fall 2019

The International Justice Lab brings together faculty and students from across the United States to conduct collaborative research on human rights, transitional justice, and international law and courts. Our mission is to produce high-quality social science research that is relevant to policy makers, practitioners, and civil society advocates. Learn more here.

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Director. Security and Political Economy (SPEC) Lab, University of Southern California

Fall 2017–Spring 2019

The  Security and Political Economy Lab conducts interdisciplinary, policy-relevant research on issues at the intersection of climate change, security, and economic development. These research projects provide opportunities for undergraduate students to develop data science and other research skills and apply them directly to the policy challenges facing national governments and international institutions. Learn more here

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Principal Investigator. Varieties of Truth Commissions 


International Justice Lab, Fall 2019–Fall 2020

Security and Political Economy Lab, Spring 2018–Summer 2019

Research assistants coded data on the universe of truth commissions (1970 to 2018), including:

  • Commission mandates and investigative powers. 60 vars.

  • Commission policy recommendations (5,710 coded at the paragraph level). 70 vars.

  • Implementation of 647 recommendations in Guatemala, South Africa, and Timor-Leste. 30 vars.


Co-Investigator. The World Bank & Human Rights (with Benjamin Graham) 


Security and Political Economy Lab, Spring–Fall 2017

Research assistants coded data on the universe of human rights complaints adjudicated by the World Bank’s Inspection Panel and Compliance Advisor/Ombudsman (1993 to 2017), including:

  • Information on complainants, respondents, the associated World Bank project, the alleged harms, NGO assistance to complainants, and case outcomes. 100 vars.


Students also produced the data visualizations and helped interview NGO representatives.


Classroom Teaching

Instructor of Record, William & Mary [Summary of Teaching Effectiveness]

GOVT 150: Constructing Human Rights (Spring 2022, 2023, 2024) [Syllabus]

GOVT 326: International Law (Fall 2022) [Syllabus

GOVT 391: Human Rights (Fall 2021) [Syllabus 

GOVT 404: Transitional Justice in Question(s) (Spring 2021, 2022, 2023, 2023) [Syllabus]

Teaching AssistantUniversity of Southern California [Summary of Teaching Effectiveness]

POSC 130: Law, Politics, and Public Policy


Teaching Awards and Qualifications

Craig L. Brians Award for Excellence in Undergraduate Research and Mentorship, American Political Science Association, 2022

USC Award for Excellence in Teaching, 2018


Best Teaching Assistant, USC Political Science and International Relations, 2017

I have training in general, political science, and international relations pedagogy. Workshops listed in CV.

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Teaching Philosophy

Full statement available here.

The primary goal of my teaching is to develop student interest in political institutions and human behavior, and create a safe learning environment in which students are empowered to critically inquire into, de-construct, and re-construct the political world around them. Enhancing substantive knowledge, data literacy, oral and written communication, and teamwork are focal points of my teaching. These are critical for students’ personal and academic development, and post-baccalaureate endeavors.

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